Addendum to ‘Enemy Dodge Rates in Super Robot Wars A Portable’

Now that I’ve had more time to think about and play the game, I realize that I didn’t say everything I wanted to say in last weeks piece.

The first thing I forgot to mention, that there were certain equipable and usable it in game to improve weapon and pilot hit rates.  Unfortunately, these are both very rare, and improve hit rates by 20% at most, although they can be used on the same unit.

I also think I didn’t explain dodge decay fully.  Dodge decay is a mechanic to prevent a unit from dodging everything.  How it works is that for each attack a unit dodges in a turn, the next attack gets a bonus to it hit chance, and if that attack also misses, the next attack gets an additional bonus on top of what was already there, so that a hit chance for otherwise identical attacks can go 15% to 30% to 45%, etc.  This bonus resets if an attack actually lands.  Now, the enemy can easily have half a dozen identical units, all using identical attacks, so dodge decay usually just makes so that the player doesn’t spend all their money on evasion and ignores armor.  In order for the player to make use of dodge decay against an enemy, they would risk either running out of resources using strong attacks, or attempt to gain a bonus for big, expensive attack using a series of weak, cheap attacks, which probably have a higher chance of hitting than the big attack, and could reset the counter.

The third thing I want to make clear is the problem with leveling being the problem with leveling being the only easy way to get a better hit chance.  The only way most units can gain experience is by hitting things, so they are mostly in a loop of needing to hit to gain levels, and needing levels to be able to hit things.  This means that the only units worth using most of the time are small units with a bunch of damage upgrades on them.

This leads into the real problem with the sky high dodge rates: most of the units are useless.  There’s no point in fielding a unit that is nearly–or even completely–unable to hit things, even the basic enemies.  There are also bosses that many units are literally completely unable to hit, so when those bosses are the only thing left on the field, the turn ends with those units just doing nothing.  And this was after I had abandoned my unit cycling plan.

Anyways, this has just been annoying me and I needed something to write about.  If you have any advice or criticism, please leave something in the comments.  Thank you, and have a great day.

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