Art: Yomi Wears Facepaint

You never got to see that Yomi wears face paint until now. It’s not the kind of face paint that comes through in black and white, much less in the unfinished sketches that I’ve put her in up until now, but it’s always been a part of her gimmick in my head. Something else that I can show in color that I couldn’t in black and white: shading. I used two different fleshtones for Yomi’s skin, and I rather like the effect. I don’t have the markers for shading the blue fabric, but edge shading is something that I rather like.

I managed to get Yomi’s shoulders to look like I wanted them two, but the rest of her arms look weird; too long, even though I want her to have rangy. I also for got to draw her bandages. In addition to working on drawing limbs, I might want to look into learning how to use a model sheet. It’s something to think about, anyway.

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