Occulted: Ixxqura

This a novella that I wrote and published chapter by chapter.  In retrospect, I could have done better by writing out the entire thing first, and then, seeing where the weaknesses in the overall narrative were, go back a rewrite whatever chapters as necessary, but I wanted to get feedback as quickly as I could, and I wanted to be able to show people something.

0. Prologue
I. Instigation
II. Frustration
III. Malediction
IV. Aberration
V. Transformation
VI. Amalgamation
VII. Information
VIII. Evocation
IX. Relation
X. Relation, Part 2
XI. Validation
XII. Anticipation
XIII. Destruction

The Essays

These are a series of essays I wrote in an effort to hammer out the world my characters inhabit.  Writing like this gave me several new ideas, which I will be turning into actual work soon.

Writing Occulted: Designing a Magic System
Writing Occulted: Ritual Magic
Writing Occulted: Ritual Magic, Part 2

The Rewrites

So, I sat down to fix some of the problems I had with Ixxqura, taking what I learned from writing it the first time and the ideas I got from the essays.  The first thing I did was clean up the prologue, which went as expected, and the second things I did was write a chapter to introduce the reader to the concept of the Occulted, at which point things got out of hand.  I have no idea what I’m doing.

Initiation (Rough Draft)
Initiation (Proper)


I like to draw pictures of my stories.  Some of them are scenes, some of them are just characters, but either way, I hope you enjoy them.

Alima Bey
A Werewolf Attacks an Amalgam of an Ogre and a Spider
Jessica and her Mother
Jessica Albright
Simultaneous Triptych
Sketchbook: Kayleigh Smithson
Study Group
Study Group 2
In Another Space
Sketchbook: Eric Moonfang
The Shadows Draw Near
Chaos, Confusion, and Order