Art: New Face

I tried to make a face out of nothing but simple geometric shapes in Inkscape. I failed. I wanted to practice working with the Path drop-down menu, but it seems that I was trying to make it do something it wasn’t designed for. Regardless, I need to keep practice, and to keep figuring out what the program is good at, and what it’s strengths compared to drawing are.


Digital Art: Character Art in Inkscape

I tried to draw Jessica in Inkscape. I enjoyed the experiment, even if I don’t quite like the results. I didn’t quite understand how to make the hair, especially the bangs and where the hair trails off the picture at the bottom, and I probably should have put more effort into the highlights than I did. On the other hand, I liked figuring out how to make the elegant lines that make up her cheek and chin, that define the sides of her face and the boundary of her neck.

But the real problem was that I was trying to use Inkscape for something it’s not meant for. Inkscape is meant to create pictures and images that can easily be resized, while character art, done correctly, should be able to work even if it’s displayed blurry, as when somebody looks at it in the wrong resolution. However, I learned enough from making this piece for it to be worthwhile, although now I want to learn to make some icons.

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