Alima’s Favorite Food

Alima unsheathed her knife, cutting into the animal’s flesh. “Now, it gets below freezing in the desert at night, but that isn’t nearly enough to keep the flavor from coming through.” Putrid gas exploded from the cadaver’s innards, the sharp metal blade slicing into the rotted skin.

Jessica shook her head. “Okay, now your just being gross for the sake of gross.”

Art: Jessica in Marker

I tried out making some character art with my new markers. It was a good learning experience, a chance to get to know the new medium I’m working in. Apparently, you should wait for marker ink to dry before you erase anything. That’s what the blurring on Jessica’s right arm is from.

I don’t like how the colors turned out. I tried to make a dark red by mixing the red and brown marker, but it came out too dark, and you can barely see that it’s red. Although, the scanning did change the colors somewhat, for example, her hair is not that blue in real life.

The next thing I need to do is buy some flesh tone markers. I went out to by some the day I wrote this, but I got lost on the way to the art supply store. Maybe I should order something online, but on the other hand, I’d like to be able to go somewhere were I can talk to people about drawing characters in marker.

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Digital Art: Character Art in Inkscape

I tried to draw Jessica in Inkscape. I enjoyed the experiment, even if I don’t quite like the results. I didn’t quite understand how to make the hair, especially the bangs and where the hair trails off the picture at the bottom, and I probably should have put more effort into the highlights than I did. On the other hand, I liked figuring out how to make the elegant lines that make up her cheek and chin, that define the sides of her face and the boundary of her neck.

But the real problem was that I was trying to use Inkscape for something it’s not meant for. Inkscape is meant to create pictures and images that can easily be resized, while character art, done correctly, should be able to work even if it’s displayed blurry, as when somebody looks at it in the wrong resolution. However, I learned enough from making this piece for it to be worthwhile, although now I want to learn to make some icons.

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Art: A Drawing of Jessica

I felt like I hadn’t drawn Jessica in a while, and I wanted to try some of the techniques I’ve learned recently on her. I got her hand the right size on the first try, even though the fingers were a bit of a pain. I’m not sure about the size of her shoes; on the one hand, they seem a bit small, but on the other, I kind of want them to be. I also used a bit of crosshatching to give her skirt a bit of depth. Did you notice? How do you think they turned out? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Pixel Art: Jessica Portrait

A quick little something I made using Piskel. Once again, this piece of pixel art is small and blurry, for the same reason as last time, namely, I overestimated how large each pixel would be on screen. Seeing as Piskel has a scaling function, I really have no excuse.

As for the art itself, it’s a portrait of Jessica, somewhat suitable for showing emotion with some accompanying dialogue. I made Jessica looking really freaked out about something in this one. I’m not sure what, maybe this is just the portrait used when the story needs her to go bug-eyed. I liked making the psuedo-gradient for the background, too.

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Sketchbook: Ink Sketching


I tried sketching using a pen, because I noticed that the ink could be as gray as my hard pencil sometimes.  Ballpoint pen can’t really do filled in areas, unfortunately, and I’m still learning to accept that.  One thing about sketching in ink is that there’s no way to convert it to a finished picture, so I just have to accept what I did the first time.  This means that I have to actually learn how to sketch, without worrying about what the end result would be.

I took the opportunity to practice my proportions, especially of the hands and the head compared to each other and the body.  I also zoomed in on the woman from last week’s picture.  I’m a bit happier with her hair this time.  All in all this was a good learning experience for me.

I drew the snake at the bottom because I felt like drawing a snake.

Art: Chaos, Confusion, and Order


I suppose I should start by pointing out that the person figures in this piece are poorly drawn.  Well, Jessica is alright, but I went way to stiff with the others, even if Kayleigh back there is the first time I’ve drawn someone at a distance.  Other than that, I’m not enjoying the platform their all standing, mostly because it’s based on the background from last week’s picture, and I didn’t like how that one turned out.

But behind the platform, where animals are being thrown out of the waves of mud, into the light streaming in from the Surface world, turned out fairly well. The shadows underneath the crests of the mud and between the rays of light required diluting ink, which I now believe I can to consistently.  I don’t know why I drew the giant octopus, besides that I got board drawing waves.