Art: Digital Faces

I learned to draw with pencil because that was what was available to me. I had some paper and pencil from a class, and I starting on that once I had moved on. Well, that’s not the only reason. There was also the feeling of the paper pushing back on the lead, the sensation of graphite breaking off and leaving a physical trail, proof of it’s passage, on the page.

There are many advantages to drawing on a computer. The most obvious of them is that getting rid of the sketch you made to lay out where the eyes and nose should go is a snap; just hide the layer you made the sketch on. And if you make a mistake, just push Ctrl+Z. You can even throw down a bunch of blue on the sketch layer to see where you haven’t filled in a light color.

But unfortunately, little of what I learned to do on paper transfers to the machine. I can’t make a shade just by pushing down harder. And the noses? I’ve memorized how to draw them by the motions of my hand, not by thinking about the shapes. Perhaps using a stylus would fix that, but the problem of the shadows still remains.

With my scanner no longer working, now seems like a good time to practice my computer drawing. But drawing on the computer feels wrong, and every face I drew came out off. And then there’s trying to emulate the color pencils I’ve been using. But on the other hand, I can say that Jessica has skin the color of ‘unbleached silk.’ (That is one of Krita’s better color names.)

Art: Mocchoo, the Dark Elf

Have you ever had a dream where there was no ‘you’?

I don’t mean a dream about a world where you don’t exist. I mean a dream where there’s nothing you experience the world through. It’s hard to explain, like you’re simply aware of the contents of the dream. I had a dream like that recently. It was about some kind of children’s horror movie, or something to that effect.

It was a poorly written movie. The pacing was so off that they had to introduce a second villain at the end to give the story a proper climax. Anyway, that’s this guy’s backstory. He also took over the sequels. They must have been really low-budget movies, considering how bad they would have been.

Art: Grass & Cloudy Skies, Color

I decided to redo one of my black and white pictures in color. As I suspected, it does look worse, mostly because if the strip of white I left at the horizon. The way it and the sky can be seen behind the mountains doesn’t look good, especially because I put the white in to keep the mountains from looking transparent.

But something I just noticed while uploading this picture was that it looks a lot better as a thumbnail. Besides the lack of detail making the flaws less noticeable, I also like the effect on the region of blue just above the mountains. It looks like there are more mountains further back.

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Art: Grass & Cloudy Skies

I’ve managed to create a surprisingly naturalistic black & white image using Krita’s stamp tools. I used a watercolor brush tool, one meant to simulate the paint spreading far out, to simulate the sky. I wonder if I could do the same thing using color.

The reason the sky looks cloudy is that I used gray for it. I’m not sure that the watercolor brush would have the same effect if I used blue. Furthermore, the grass is black on white ground. In color, the grass would be green, and the ground either black or brown. I would have to throw down a solid layer of color before I used the stamps.

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