Art: Yomi has Until Five

This picture was a pain to get started on. I wanted to practice my foreshortening, which left me with wanting to draw a pretty complicated pose. I think I did alright with the hands and arms, but Yomi’s leg just looks off. And then there’s how I had to completely redo Yomi’s head, because it was so small. But on the other hand, redoing her head meant that Yomi wound up with a cruel, or maybe angry, scowl on her face, which I love.

Art: Yomi Hits Her Finisher

One of the inspirations for Yomi’s gimmick is Kayako, the monster from The Grudge. Kayako kills people by snapping their necks, so I thought about having her finish matches with a neck twist. The problem with that, however, was that just a neck crank wouldn’t be very dramatic. There wouldn’t be any kind of slam to make the ring make that good ‘thunk’ noise, and ending a match with a neck crank would just be anticlimactic.

Putting the matter of how Yomi would finish a match, and all the things she would do to lead up to it, I got an image in my head of Yomi doing the technique that you see up there in the picture. I was thinking of it as an reversed version of a cutter, a ridiculous technique that requires the victim to step into it. It seemed like the kind of wrestling move that should exist, but I wasn’t seeing it on VGCW. Eventually, I was looking up wrestling moves as general research, and I found this move’s actual name: the neckbreaker.

Clearly, Yomi had her finisher.

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Art: Three Main Characters

I’m still trying to catch up with my buffer. To help with that, I decided to sit down and draw some faces. I don’t think you’d have any reason to know this, but the universes that these three characters are from are the worlds that have stuck in my head the hardest. It’s strange, but how much time I spend thinking about a universe doesn’t really relate to how much effort I put into externalizing it.

When I sat down to draw these faces, I decided to try something. I combined using ballpoint pen for the hard edges and used pencil to fill in the darker areas. I have to say, I like the effect.

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Art: Figure-4 Necklock

A while back, I uploaded this picture. The accompanying post was kind of cryptic, but the short version was that it was a picture of a character I came up with during my inexplicable obsession with professional wrestling. While that’s dying down right now, I think I’m comfortable with letting the characters I thought up during it run around in my head, and besides that, drawing people grappling is a great way to practice my foreshortening.

I also left this picture largely unfinished. This is mostly because the original picture of Yomi I uploaded was also unfinished, and I thought it would be appropriate for a series of pictures featuring pro wrestling to have a gimmick.

Art: Wraith

Here’s a piece that I made to practice with shadows. You can kind of make out the outlines to the wraiths arms and hood, but what I really noticed with this one is how easily my grey pencils blurred. I wound up having to erase and redraw some of the parts I wanted to leave white. It was an accident, but I find that I like the effect.

Another thing I tried out with this picture was margins. The paper I draw on (that isn’t my sketchbook) is too large for my scanner tray. Not using the inch of paper around the edge seemed like an easy solution to the problem, but graphite spilled out into it during blurring. I’m not sure how I feel about that, and there’s still the problem of the picture being scanned in off-center. These are things to think about, at least.

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