Pixel Art: Dirt Tiles

Sorry about not posting a picture last week, but considering that I still can’t scan, I think you can find it within you to forgive me. In the meantime, I’ve tried practicing with Piskel a bit. I’ve figured out a way to do tiles, but I’m still not sure how to import a sprite into a scene. I might be working with the wrong program.

On an unrelated note, I’ve also been watching videos of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. It’s amazing how bad the graphics back then were. But I did notice that the ground tiles in that game had borders on them. Maybe I should have done the same with these tiles. As it is, it looks like a bunch of tunnels rather than something your character walks on.

Pixel Art: Super Deformed Sprite

I’m playing with proportions still, and this time, I tried something deliberately out of proportion. I used Piskel’s ability to change the dimensions of the drawing field for this one. I started by drawing the head on a 32 by 32 drawing field, and then I changed the dimensions to 32 wide and 64 tall, so that there was a second 32 by 32 square beneath the head. If the body seems longer than the head, that’s probably just an effect of me not using the entire square for the body, leaving it narrower than the head.

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Animation: Waddling Head

I am developing a profound respect for animators.

This simple loop was an exhausting thing to make, and it’s only seven frames long. I’m impressed by anyone that can make dozens of these things for a game. While I made this animation in Piskel, I’m wondering if there’s any program designed to turn sprites into scenes, like letting me take an animated sprite and put it on a background. I should look into that.

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Animation: Bird

I need to start saving my Piskel files.

Allow me to explain. I do most of my internet browsing in private mode, simply because I don’t like to gather cookies on my browser. However, while I am browsing in private mode, I am unable to save anything to my browser, which is the default way that the Piskel site allows someone to save their work. While I need to start saving as a means of backup, the main reason to save my work is simply that I’m reaching a point where I want to make picture more complicated than what I can do in a single sitting.

Speaking of complication, this animation contains over thirty frames. The onion skin tool helped immensely in making sure that everything lined up between frames, and more to the point, tracking down where I accidentally made two frames the same. The reason I didn’t scale the image up is that I didn’t make a local save of the Piskel file (I did this animation all in one sitting), and by the time I realized that mad the gif to small, it was to late to do anything about it.

Anyway, I hope you can make things out in that tiny frame up there.

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Pixel Art: Jessica Portrait

A quick little something I made using Piskel. Once again, this piece of pixel art is small and blurry, for the same reason as last time, namely, I overestimated how large each pixel would be on screen. Seeing as Piskel has a scaling function, I really have no excuse.

As for the art itself, it’s a portrait of Jessica, somewhat suitable for showing emotion with some accompanying dialogue. I made Jessica looking really freaked out about something in this one. I’m not sure what, maybe this is just the portrait used when the story needs her to go bug-eyed. I liked making the psuedo-gradient for the background, too.

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