Poetry: Caught in the Rain

I suppose I should have waited
The weather’s dark and bluster would
Have passed on through the day a long

Now it’s here that I am standing
Caught in the doorway I’ve never
Thought of ent’ring on this day

I’m waiting for a ride
I track the seconds divide
My warmth is kept inside

And now the taxi’s here
To get wet is so needed
But the rain is nothing to fear

Thank the driver on the journey
Shoulders wet, pay them the fee
Now perhaps I need some tea

Next time, I’ll track the weather
I should have seen the storm approachin’
Could have taken a jacket, or just some time.


Poetry: Fundamentally Different Way

Has it ever occurred to you
that you experience the world
in a fundamentally different way?

Like people see and hear
the same universe as you
but feel completely different things?

As I see other people talk
about their hobbies and their passions
I find that I question the things they said.

Tying up their self-respect
in the perception of things they didn’t create
doesn’t seem a healthy way to live.

Poetry: War of the Green Power

They came to this world, the people of old
On vast metallic ships on the sea of stars
Using the green power, cast in life’s mold

Wherever they stepped was an explosion of life
Plants and animals, metal and flesh, covered all
And with the heartbeat came the drums of strife

No one was spared the flames of war
As it spread across the sea of stars
Every single world, it did mar

Everything burned, now all is dust
But life and people both survived
Continuing to build their cities just.


Poetry: Why am I Waiting?

Day after day, I find myself stalling
Putting off actions I need to take
And yet I can feel my impatience grow by the day

Have you ever met an impatient procrastinator?
It seems like a contradiction of terms
If you find yourself needing to take time, just do the things you need to do anyway

What is it that I feel when I stall?  Fear?
What do I have to be afraid of?
These I need to do can only help me, whether they give peace or pay

I must go forward, pressing on
I cannot let my feeling stop me
Everything I do has worth, even if it does not bring me closer to day.