Wanting to Write About Stuff you don’t Want to Write About

I’ve been reading a lot about political science recently.  Mostly about how political parties, particularly American political parties, form and work, or don’t, as the case may be.  It’s been inspiring ideas, especially in combination with my old art, but unfortunately, I don’t want to describe those ideas here.

At least, I don’t want to describe the ideas not directly related to my fiction here.  The ideas for my fiction can come in due time, so I’m not going to write them out right now.  As for the other ideas, this isn’t a political science blog.  I’m not going to go through the effort to link to everything I’ve read.  These thoughts of mine could be conceived by anyone, as long as they read what I’ve read, so there’s really no point in describing them without the linking.

But my reading has also lead me to realize that I read to learn, more than to know.  I don’t care for nonfiction books that don’t surprise me.  Not in the twist sense, but in the new information sense.  When I begin to realize that I’ve heard most of the arguments on a topic before, I start to move on.

The only other thing I’ve wanted to talk about this week was how D&D dealt with spirits and other worlds, and my thoughts on that can be summed up in a paragraph, as follows.  D&D deals with ghosts by having them be on another plane, the “Near Ethereal Plane,” which is layered on top of mundane reality.  This is because the early writers of the game put thought into what the planes actually were, namely, that a plane is a state of existence.  I also wonder if acting like a ghost could continue on to other layered planes.

While I may not have said much of substance, but at least I managed to clear a mild case of writer’s block.

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